Thursday, December 6, 2018

4 tips for selecting the best POS system for your business

We have discussed in the past about various Benefits of a Mobile POS but there is more to choosing the right POS than just benefits and features. Here are 4 important things in selecting the best POS System for your business.
  1. Transparent Pricing - It is very easy to get lost here. Any POS that does not make the pricing very clear is a strict no-no. Also, choose something that is month to month instead of a huge long term deals. 
  2. Payment Processors - Apart from monthly pricing, most POS systems also make money from the payment service provider. What is good for the POS provider might not always be good to the business. So, don't get attached to the payment processor. Choose a POS that let's you choose your own Payment Processor
  3. Hardware - Again, don't be forced to buy costly hardware from the POS provider. Ask for alternate compatible hardware. This is best in the long run. You should be able to plug and play the hardware of your choice
  4. Data Export and Import - We cannot insist how important this is. Technologies change, POS Systems change... but you want your business keep going irrespective of these changes. You want to be able to accomplish business continuity without attaching yourselves too much to a POS. And this is possible only if you can move data in and out of a POS system. 
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