Sunday, November 13, 2016

Introducing "Free Forever" version of Restaurant Inspector



We at Datamattic are very proud about the tools we make for Restaurants and other hospitality business to make their operations run smoother, safer and better. Restaurant Inspector - our Inspection and Checklist App, helps restaurants conduct regular safety inspections on an easy to use app. Data is saved and organized in the cloud and available anywhere, anytime. It helps them get the peace of mind that comes with operations visibility and accountability.

Self inspections also helps restaurants lower food costs and improve operational efficiency across their entire value chain. But like everything, it comes at a cost. Food borne illness continues to be a hot topic for the industry today. Keeping the cost and importance of safety in mind, we want to do our part to facilitate and encourage restaurants and operators adopt simple inspection procedures that will help with food safety. On that note, we are introducing "Free Forever" version of Restaurant Inspector. As part of the free version, customers will have three (daily, weekly and monthly) standard checklists and can do unlimited inspections of their facility free of cost. These standard checklists are designed with HACCP recommended practices.

Well... what are you waiting for? Sign up here for the free forever version. Happy inspecting!

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