Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ViceMenu Menu Manager - Expanding to India

The decision to make ViceMenu available to India was an easy one.

While it was a natural choice to launch ViceMenu in the US since US is the biggest and most mature market in terms of technology penetration (But that said, "Searchable Menus" is not possible for manu of the restaurants even in the US and that is the gap that ViceMenu addresses.) within the hospitality industry, India is different. But in India, the value proposition is totally different. ViceMenu addresses a much more basic need of Web Presence for businesses. Online presence for restaurants is relatively new and only countable high-end restaurants in the high-end markets (Metros and Cosmos) have a website on their own. While getting the menus of restaurants online, it also provides a web presence for the restaurants and makes it very easy to manage them as well.

All the great features that ViceMenu offers are available in India as well. We are going a step-further in order to make the web-presence for Indian restaurants a truly real one. We will offer custom domains (Coming Soon!) where businesses can buy domains from within ViceMenu and make their menus load via the domain that best describes their business.

India business will significantly benefit from the ViceMenu platform. Signing-up on the platform is very easy. Adding details about the business and services provided (Menu's in case of Restaurants is even easier). And the best part, we will take care of the getting traffic to the business by engaging potential customers via our marketing efforts.

Questions? Or you are a business that need help with ViceMenu - Drop us a mail

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