Saturday, March 26, 2016

Food Safety Concerns is becoming a Key Priority for Consumers 

Allowing strangers to prepare the food we consume, to a certain extent, a leap of faith. Restaurant goers take food safety for granted. They entrust that responsibility to the Restaurants and rightly so. Consumers go to restaurants to have a good time and good food and do not want to worry about how safe is the food that they are consuming. After all, the brand, experience and other aspects of the restaurant has already established the aspect of safety into the heads of consumers. While that is good, it can introduce an opportunity for brands and operators to get complacent about it. May be that is what happened to the fast casual juggernaut Chipotle Mexican Grill following a series of E. coli outbreaks that have implications across the industry which is yet to fully unfold. Here are 4 Reasons you should take restaurant inspections seriously.

According to a national consumer survey conducted by market research, nearly three out of four consumers (74 percent) think that fast food restaurants should monitor food safety more closely. While the study was conducted on fast food restaurants, the impact is actually much higher on independent and small chains since a slip on safety will play a role in the reputation on the small and independent operators since they might not have the resources to bounce back. So, its better to be cautious and prevent than cure.

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