Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in numbers @ Datamattic

  1. One new product launched - ViceMenu helps restaurants manage their menu easily. More about it here and here.
  2. 600+ menus (across India and US) added to the platform.
  3. 6 people added to the Datamattic team
  4. 7 new brands served by Genius - Restaurant Anaytics
  5. 15 new businesses on-boarded on Genius - Restaurant Anaytics
  6.  Biriyani (our restaurant analytics product) has been re-branded to Genius - Restaurant Analytics to reflect the demand and larger visibility that it has gained as a product in the marketplace. The name GENIUS also communicates the essence of the product where it acts a GENIUS in helping restaurants leverage analytics to improve various operations within the restaurant.
  7.  930 new code commits to the GENIUS - Restaurant Analytics product. Yes. We have added so many features - small and large. It's not just the name that got changed - but the product has been evolving fast and solving more problems for restaurants.
  8. 1.5 TB server capacity added. Speed and convenience to our customers has been our goal all along and we have been adding capacity to enable that.
  9. R&D is important for businesses small and large. We spend 22% of our time and effort on research and development - constantly thinking about new features and related opportunities to serve our customers better.
We want to take a moment to thank everybody at this moment and wish a good year ahead. Speed, Quality, Ownership, Innovation and having a customer focus in everything we do has been very important for us. Thanks and looking forward to 2016 where we will be doing more and better - Team Datamattic.

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