Monday, December 22, 2014

What is important and priority for Datamattic Inc. as a firm?

While companies in general have vision and mission statements, I have always found it very difficult to come up with them. Not because I cannot think of  a statement, but because of my experience as to how companies don't pay much attention to them except while coming up with them. But I think there is value in such a forward looking statement or guiding principle. We always need something to benchmark against and look up to. Our brains are tuned to work that way...

No. I am not going to come up or share a vision statement, but just my set of priorities for Datamattic. At the least, these set of priorities will help guide the decisions (small and large) we all at Datamattic make when there is a conflict.

What is important/ priority for Datamattic Inc.? (Listed in the order of priority...)

  1. Customers - We exist because there is demand in the market and there are customers. So, all our work and decisions will be putting the customer first. Decision making will be based off of customer as a pivot.
  2. Employees - Naturally, the people who spend the most time with the company and the product are the employees and its only right that they are on the top of the list.
  3. Business - Strong business fundamentals to make money to support the above two priorities
  4. Partners - In business, you are not alone. There is an ecosystem and its important to preserve and grow with the partners in that ecosystem. Its a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship. The only path towards long term sustainable success is through successful collaboration and growth with the business partners
This above set of priorities will guide Datamattic in the years to come.

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