Saturday, April 27, 2019

ShopOwner POS Recognized for Exceptional User Experience by Finances Online

We are happy to inform that ShopOwner POS has been recognized for Exceptional User Experience by Finance Online, a trusted platform for SaaS Reviews

ShopOwner POS is glad of all its accomplishments since 2016, and we’re ecstatic to start the new year with some prestigious recognition from a reputed review platform for business software solutions.

ShopOwner POS was built mainly to help various types of businesses run smart and efficient operations, and we take pride in receiving FinancesOnline’s Premium Usability award for 2019 in honor of its impeccable design. Among the various elements and features of ShopOwner POS that FinancesOnline evaluated for this award include:
  • Customizability and adaptability for any business type
  • Comprehensive POS features
  • High scalability
  • Easy setup and deployment
  • Intuitive and user-friendly for novices
  • “Inexpensive” POS that is packed with all the essential features and
  • Option for paperless operations through digital receipts

FinancesOnline also named ShopOwner POS as a 2019 Rising Star for its remarkable market growth and positive customer feedback. In fact, FinancesOnline called our software as a “perfect” POS for sales that any small business should use due to its affordability and robust feature set. Furthermore, they also consider ShopOwner POS as an exceptional POS for Android devices.With ShopOwner POS also offering 24/7 customer care, businesses can reap profits uninterrupted.
Please head over to FinancesOnline and post a user review for ShopOwner POS to share your experiences. And as always thank to our customers for your unwavering support.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

4 tips for selecting the best POS system for your business

We have discussed in the past about various Benefits of a Mobile POS but there is more to choosing the right POS than just benefits and features. Here are 4 important things in selecting the best POS System for your business.
  1. Transparent Pricing - It is very easy to get lost here. Any POS that does not make the pricing very clear is a strict no-no. Also, choose something that is month to month instead of a huge long term deals. 
  2. Payment Processors - Apart from monthly pricing, most POS systems also make money from the payment service provider. What is good for the POS provider might not always be good to the business. So, don't get attached to the payment processor. Choose a POS that let's you choose your own Payment Processor
  3. Hardware - Again, don't be forced to buy costly hardware from the POS provider. Ask for alternate compatible hardware. This is best in the long run. You should be able to plug and play the hardware of your choice
  4. Data Export and Import - We cannot insist how important this is. Technologies change, POS Systems change... but you want your business keep going irrespective of these changes. You want to be able to accomplish business continuity without attaching yourselves too much to a POS. And this is possible only if you can move data in and out of a POS system. 
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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Samsung Pay - The mobile payments space is evolving

Mobile payments are increasingly a big deal in India, thanks to the government pulling the bottom out of the currency by declaring a large chunk of it worthless. Mobile payment systems became one of the great responses to this development, and companies like Paytm reaped the rewards. In fact, developments on this front got so substantial that some firms saw huge gains. Recently, word out of Samsung India noted that Samsung Pay took just over a month to add another million users to its lineup. Samsung Pay enjoys at least a modicum of success worldwide. It’s got nearly 6.44 million users just in South Korea, and that’s one of its biggest markets. Russia is also one of the top three, and now, thanks to the big gains seen in recent days, India is Samsung Pay’s third-largest market.

Further developments prove why India is such a ripe market for mobile payments; not only is the government actively hostile to its own currency as demonstrated by the demonetization effort, but India is now the second-largest market for smartphones on the planet, having just beaten the United States. Throw in the fact that 17 financial institutions—10 of them banks—are now supporting Samsung Pay’s Indian operations with more likely to follow  in the coming days and it’s easy to see why Samsung’s gaining ground in India.

It’s good news for Samsung—it already has a Samsung Pay presence in 20 different markets and is available on several devices—and it’s also noteworthy news for India. It’s proving that India is already a pretty substantial market for mobile payments, and based on everything we’ve seen so far, it’s not likely that that’s going to cool off.

With WhatsApp looking to add payments, Paytm looking to add chat, and plenty of other firms making moves on the market, the fact that Samsung has any kind of a foothold at all in the Indian market is something to be pleased about. It’s likely to be a difficult market going forward, and Samsung Pay—if it wants to hold onto that market—should be making plans accordingly.

Still, Samsung has clearly made a splash in India. Given that there are over a billion people in India right now, though, that million isn’t the advance some might think.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Key Benefits of Mobile POS

With small businesses like restaurants, salons, retail and mom and pop businesses searching for new and innovative ways to make their businesses more efficient, many are turning to technology to impact their both top and bottom line. One of the latest technology trends gaining momentum in the micro and small business space is the use of POS (point of sale) solutions and more so in the mobile space especially in the developing nations. With the increased popularity of wireless networking and the decreased cost of smart phones and tablets, lots of businesses are adopting such solutions. In the hospitality industry, a mobile POS solution enables to improve efficiency by in so many different ways - taking orders, ringing sales, busting lines, and processing payments tableside.

With the advent of mobile POS solutions, businesses can complete a variety of business processes and conduct transactions from anywhere. Mobile POS solutions are ideal for any environment in which POS functionality is needed in the field. Traditionally, most people have experienced some form of mobile POS at flea markets, farmers markets, or stadiums. Today, mobile POS is gaining momentum in various retail and hospitality environments, such as salons, quick service restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops, nightclubs, stadiums, trade shows, and many other areas where mobility is essential to providing quality customer service.

We’ll analyze the business benefits a small business can reap through the adoption and implementation of a mobile point of sale (POS) solution. Specifically, we will discuss how a mobile POS solution can help your business improve operational efficiency and also how your customers benefit from the experience.

Benefits of Mobile POS

Whether you are a single location, independent operator, or a large chain, mobile POS can provide a substantial return on investment (ROI) for your business.

  • Smaller Footprint and Reduced upfront cost/ Investment – Unlike traditional POS systems, mobile POS systems cost a fraction and there isn’t any complicated infrastructure requirement. Most of the times all you need is mobile devices(s) – phones or tablets and an internet connection. Printers and Card readers are pretty much the only additional hardware that you will ever need. The rest of the stuff lives in the cloud and on-demand.
  • Reduced Set-up Time – This is another biggest advantage to adopt a mobile POS. You are most likely up and running in less than a day compared to traditional systems which could take couple of days to weeks.
  • Streamline Orders – With a mobile POS, waiters can take orders at the table and wirelessly transmit to the kitchen instead of having to physically move between these service areas. This allows food preparation to begin earlier, improving customer service by reducing wait times for items ordered. In retail environments this means the supply department can be quickly notified of the sales without additional steps.
  •  Improve Order Accuracy – Customization is the name of the game for customers these days. Add-on items, special requests, sides or other modifications are common requests that must accurately account for in the order taking process. With a mobile POS, order accuracy is improved by eliminating lost, partial and incorrect orders. This not only reduces waste for your establishment but also improves customer satisfaction.
  • Increase Average Ticket Size – Great customer service is essential to ensuring repeat business from your patrons. A mobile POS solution will give staff the ability to spend more time with patrons, improving customer service and enhancing the customer experience rather than the customer coming to them – which is the case with the traditional system. It will also give extra time to the staff up-sell and cross-sell profitable extras resulting in  larger average ticket size for the business.
  • Table Turnover – In high volume restaurant environments, the ability to serve more patrons faster and increase table turnover is critical to success. Many restaurants struggle with customer wait times on a daily basis, particularly on weekends when most patrons prefer to enjoy a night out to dinner. As busy restaurants look for new ways to increase capacity, many have added outdoor seating. Unfortunately, the traditional POS system is not ideal for harsh, outdoor environments. Therefore, many establishments with outdoor seating require wait staff to use a terminal inside the restaurant. This is often a less than optimal solution for efficient order entry and checkout procedures. Mobile POS is an ideal and affordable option for growing restaurants that need to equip additional wait staff to process more orders.
  • Decrease Checkout Time – An additional benefit of mobile POS solutions is the efficient checkout. Checkout is the last thing a customer will remember about your restaurant. They enjoyed your delicious food and friendly wait staff. Don’t let all that be ruined by a long wait at the register. A mobile POS solution will allow wait staff to securely and efficiently process payments at the tableside, and to effectively avoid aggravating the customer in the checkout process.
For savvy business owners that are looking to reduce customer wait time and food waste, increase average ticket size, and expedite customer check out, implementing a mobile POS solution will not only improve the profitability of your business, but also the overall customer experience. Mobile POS solutions can benefit a restaurant in a variety of ways throughout the life cycle of the customer visit. Mobile applications have become more prevalent thanks to the evolution of technology and the lessened concerns regarding reliability and security. Regardless of the type of restaurant, mobile POS is a growing trend that can provide tangible and immediate business benefits.

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